1. The terms used in the Regulations mean:
1.1 Seller – SALCO AU NATUREL spółka z o.o., having a tax identification number NIP – 6762476365 and REGON number – 123126415, registered in the National Court Register under the number: 0000511167;.
1.2 Customer – a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person, whose special provisions grant legal capacity, having the ability to incur obligations and acquire rights on its own behalf, using the Online Store and making purchases through it;
1.3 Online Store (Store) – an online service available at the address of the, through which the Customer may place Orders;
1.4 Goods – products presented in the Online Store;
1.5 Sales Agreement – a contract for the sale of Goods within the meaning of the Civil Code, concluded between the Seller and the Customer, concluded using the Online Store;
1.6 Order – a declaration of will of the Customer, aimed directly at the conclusion of the Sales Agreement, specifying in particular the type and number of Goods.
1.7 Payment Operator – a settlement center through which payments related to the Purchase of Goods via the Online Store are carried out.
1.8 Regulations – these Regulations,




2.1 The Seller conducts commercial activity through mail order sales using the Online Store.
2.2 In order for the use of the Online Store to take place without interruptions and other irregularities, the Customer's ICT system should meet the following minimum technical requirements:
a. Internet Explorer version 8 or later with Java Script and Cookies enabled
b. Firefox version 20 or later with Java Script and Cookies enabled
c. Google Chrome version 20 or later with Java Script and Cookies enabled
d. Opera version 12 or later with Java Script and Cookies enabled
e. Safari version 5 or later with Java Script and Cookies enabled
2.3 In order to use the Online Store, the Customer should independently gain access to a computer station or terminal device with access to the Internet and should have a working e-mail account on any server (e-mail).
2.4 These Regulations define the rules for using the Online Store available at: including the rules for concluding Sales Agreements using the services provided as part of the Online Store,




3.1 The Customer has the option of registering as part of the Online Store. Registration takes place by completing and accepting the registration form available on the Store's website.
3.2 During registration, the Customer is obliged to provide the required personal data, the User is obliged to provide complete and true data, in accordance with the instructions provided in the form. In the event of a subsequent change of any data, the Customer should immediately update it.
3.3 Upon registration and acceptance of the Regulations and consent to the processing of personal data, the Customer is provided with access to the Account.
3.4 Registration of a natural person conducting business activity, a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, but having the ability to incur obligations on its own behalf, may be made by a person who is authorized to perform on their behalf all activities related to registration and to perform all rights and obligations of the Customer.
3.5 The User manages the functions made available to him as part of the Account, which provides, in particular, access to current information about the purchased Goods.
3.1 The Seller may deprive the Customer of the right to use the Online Store, as well as may limit his access to part or all of the online store's resources, with immediate effect, in the event of a breach of the Regulations by the Customer, and in particular when the Customer:
a) provided during registration in the Online Store data that is untrue, inaccurate or outdated, misleading or violating the rights of third parties,
b) commits behavior inconsistent with applicable law or general principles of using the Internet or harming the good name of the Seller.
3.2 In order to ensure the security of message and data transmission, the Online Store takes technical and organizational measures appropriate to the degree of threat to the security of the services provided, in particular measures to prevent unauthorized persons from obtaining and modifying personal data sent on the Internet.
3.3 The Customer is obliged in particular to:
a. not to provide or transmit content prohibited by law, e.g. content propagating violence, defamation or violating personal rights and other rights of third parties,
b. use the Online Store in a way that does not interfere with its functioning, in particular through the use of specific software or devices,
c. use the Online Store in a manner consistent with the provisions of the law in force on the territory of the Republic of Poland, the provisions of the Regulations, as well as with the general principles of using the Internet.


4.1 The prices of all products presented on the Store's website are gross prices and are expressed in Polish zlotys and include all price components except shipping costs, about which the Seller informs when placing an order and on the Store's website.
4.2 All products offered by the Store are brand new.
4.3 The Customer may place an order in the Online Store in the following way:
a. by using the website, by selecting the Goods, adding them to the basket and then placing an order while providing the required personal data and the form of transport and payment. It is also necessary for the Customer to accept the content of the Regulations and consent to the processing of personal data in order to process the order.
b. by sending an order by e-mail to the following address:
4.4 After placing the order, the Seller will send, on a durable medium, to the e-mail address provided by the Customer, an electronic confirmation of the order placed together with all information required by law.




5.1 The customer may pay for the ordered goods as follows:
a. by bank transfer to the Seller's account.
b. through the system of an external payment operator indicated in the Online Store.
c. payment on delivery. With this type of payment, the Customer pays for the ordered goods directly to the hands of the postal operator (courier company) at the time of receipt of the shipment, or directly on delivery at the company's headquarters.
5.2 The Seller is obliged to deliver the goods ordered by the Customer using a postal operator. The delivery time is from 2 to 30 days.
5.3 The Customer is informed about the main characteristics of the goods, their total price, costs and method of delivery directly when placing the order and then in the electronic confirmation referred to in point 4.4. of these Regulations.
5.4 The Seller is obliged to deliver the goods without defects.




6.1 The Customer has the right to lodge a complaint if a physical defect of the Goods is found within 2 years from the date of its issue or if the service is provided via the Online Store in a defective manner.
6.2 The Customer submits a complaint in writing to the Seller's address: Salco au Naturel spółka z o.o. Kamienna 21, 31-403 Kraków, providing exactly his data, data of the goods complained about, the date of release of the goods, the date of finding the defect and describing in detail the essence of the defect. The Customer also delivers the advertised Goods to the above-mentioned address.
6.3 The Seller will take a position on the complaint within 14 days from the date of its receipt. The Seller will respond to the complaint and indicate whether he accepts the complaint and how he intends to settle it or inform about the lack of grounds for recognizing the complaint along with the justification of his position.




7.1 The customer, who is a consumer, has the right to withdraw from a distance contract without giving any reason.
7.2 In order to exercise the right referred to above, the Customer should, within 14 days from the date on which he came into possession of the item or on which a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Customer came into possession of the item, submit an unequivocal statement of withdrawal from the contract in writing and send it to the following address: Salco au Naturel spółka z o.o. Kamienna 21, 31-403 Krakow 


7.3 The Customer may use the model withdrawal form attached to these Regulations, but it is not mandatory.
7.4 In order to meet the deadline for withdrawal from the contract, it is sufficient for the Customer to send information regarding the exercise of his right of withdrawal before the deadline for withdrawal from the contract.
7.5 In the event of withdrawal from a distance contract, the contract is considered void. What the parties have provided is being returned. The Seller shall refund all payments received from the Customer, including the costs of delivery of the item (with the exception of additional costs resulting from the delivery method chosen by the Customer other than the cheapest ordinary delivery method offered by the Seller), immediately no later than within 14 days from the date on which the Seller was informed about the decision to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract.
7.6 The Seller will refund the payment using the same payment methods as were used by the Customer in the original transaction, unless the Customer has expressly agreed to another solution; in any case, the Customer will not incur any fees in connection with this refund.
7.7 The Customer is obliged to return the purchased goods to the following address: Salco au Naturel spółka z o.o. Kamienna 21,  31-403 Kraków immediately, but no later than 14 days from the date on which he withdrew from the contract. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send the item back before its expiry. The customer bears the direct costs of returning the item.
7.8 The Seller may withhold the refund of the payment until the item is received or until the Customer provides proof of its return, whichever occurs first.
7.9 The customer is responsible for the reduction in the value of the item resulting from the use of it in a manner other than was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item.




8.1 The Customer's personal data is processed in order to process the order. If the Customer agrees, he will receive information about products, services and promotions offered by the Seller.
8.2 The Seller guarantees the lawful processing of personal data.
8.3 The customer has the right to inspect his data, request their correction, supplementation or deletion.



9.1 The cost of standard shipping 13.00 PLN / cash on delivery 15 PLN.

9.2 Free delivery is valid for orders over PLN 200.00 

9.3 Delivery time 1-3 days (the shipment should be delivered by the end of the next business day)

9.4 Shipment is carried out via DPD and UPS.

9.5 Personal collection at the headquarters of Salco au Naturel Sp z o.o. ul Trudna 57, 32-700 Bochnia from Monday to Friday between 8-16 o'clock.

9.6 Maximum shipment weight 30kg.

9.7 Maximum dimensions of a standard shipment (length x width x height) 120 x 80 x 80 cm

9.8 If your shipment is not delivered, please contact contact DPD +48 22 577-55-55 or UPS Help Center +48 22 489 77 immediately with the consignment note number and packaging information.

9.9 In the event of damage or loss of the contents of the shipment, you must immediately in the presence of the UPS Courier write a complaint letter with a description of the event, a description of possible damage or refuse to accept the package. Copies of the complaint document should be sent to the address of the or to the address ul. Trudna 57, 32-700 Bochnia





10.1 These regulations are an integral part of each contract concluded via the Online Store and are publicly available on the website. The customer can record it in the memory of his computer or print it. The Regulations are available in such a way that allows obtaining, reproducing and recording the content of the Regulations using the ICT system used by the Customer.
10.2 When making changes to the content of the Regulations, the Seller is obliged to post information about it on the Store's website at least 7 days before the date of entry into force of these changes. The amendment to the regulations will not have effects in relation to the concluded transactions and transactions in progress.
10.3 In matters not included in these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the relevant provisions of other acts will apply, in particular the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1422, as amended);
10.4 Any disputes arising out of or in connection with contracts concluded between the Seller and the Customer shall be resolved amicably. If, within 30 days of the dispute arising, attempts at an amicable settlement do not lead to a settlement, the dispute will be finally settled before the competent court. The consumer also has the right to benefit from the legal assistance offered to him by relevant institutions, including consumer organizations or municipal or district consumer ombudsmen. The list of institutions can be found on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (
10.5 Settlement of any disputes arising between the Seller and the Customer who is not a consumer within the meaning of Article 22[1] of the Civil Code shall be submitted to the court competent for the seat of the Seller.
10.6 The model withdrawal form is attached to these Regulations.



Attachment No. 1




(this form must be completed and sent back only if you want to withdraw from the contract)


–    Addressee: SALCO AU NATUREL spółka z o.o. Kamienna 21,  31-403 Kraków               


"    Me ................................... I hereby inform you of my withdrawal from
contracts for the sale of the following things ........
–    Date of conclusion of the contract ......................... Date of receipt of the goods ................................
–    Name of the consumer ................
–    Consumer's address .................
–    Consumer's signature ................
–    Date ....................